What Do I Need to Know About Bronze and Brass?

New to bronze or brass jewelry? Bronze is an alloy made of copper and tin, has a lovely warm golden color, and is an affordable alternative to 10 or 14k gold.

Brass is a very similar to bronze, but has a more yellow tone.

Bronze and brass are durable, easy to clean, and will last for decades with proper care. They are great options for beautiful and affordable jewelry.

One thing to keep in mind, the copper content of these metals can oxidize in combination with skin oils, creating a greenish layer of copper carbonate on skin. This more often can occur with tight rings worn in hot weather, because of the lack of air circulation between your finger and the ring.

An easy fix is to coat only the inside of your piece with clear nail polish. This creates a barrier, preventing oxidation.

You can also minimize oxidation by taking your jewelry off at night and keeping it clean. 

We recommend sizing up one size for thick rings, to give a little more air space.

Bracelets have air circulation between your wrist and the bracelet, so should have minimal to no oxidation.

We use 14k gold fill chains for our necklaces, and bronze pendants worn over your clothes won't oxidize because they aren't in contact with your skin oils.

Like sterling silver, bronze and brass tarnish over time. We recommend cleaning with a liquid brass cleaner. Polishing cloths work also work fairly well, but can take a little elbow grease

We happily wear our bronze pieces every day! Let us know if you have any questions.