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Create Your Bridesmaid Jewelry

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Are you looking for meaningful gifts or jewelry for your bridal party to wear to your wedding?

Even if you have no experience or don't consider yourself artistic, you can create special, unique jewelry for your bridesmaids. 

We offer fun custom workshops just for you, or for your whole bridal party, taught by the founder of Minoux Jewelry, Kristen Robison.

Kristen will thoughtfully guide you through designing your perfect piece, and the basics of using simple hand tools to transform your design into a wax model. We'll then use lost wax casting to transform your model into finished jewelry in the metal of your choice.

If you prefer to create one style and give it to each of your bridesmaids, we'll create exactly the number of pieces you need. 

Or, choose a memorable experience with your bridesmaids and spend an afternoon together each creating your own piece. If you'd like everyone's jewelry to stay on a central theme, your group can start with the same basic template (for example, a heart or circle shape pendant) and personalize from there. 

Whether your wedding style is minimal, maximal, or somewhere in between, this method is great for beginners and practically limitless for your style choices.

You can create a unique jewelry keepsake for your bridesmaids, or together with them.

Our beautiful inner-Portland studio is spacious and light-filled, and on the Max line.

Custom workshops are generally scheduled on weekends.

Questions? Please send us a note with a few details about your bridal party for further details and pricing.





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